Privacy Policy

The information we collect and why

Apptree Ltd creates Websites, Apps and other Communication platforms for its clients. In the course of operating these services for our clients [Apptree Ltd is deemed to be a data processor on behalf of our clients under the definitions of the law] we collect information about the users of the services, for example and without limitation:

When you use our websites we collect website cookies and your preferences to enhance your experience of the website and to help us improve the websites. We or our hosting company may also collect information relating to your IP address which assists us with marketing insight and fraud prevention.

When you use our Apps, we collect information about your device, such as device ID, type & software, we do this to improve your access to our services and ensuring our Apps work with your device. You may also use some of the App features such as preferences or filters which will also be saved against your user profile to enhance your experience of the App.

When you make comments online, in App, sign up to mailing lists or submit forms or surveys we will collect the information you have entered and use it for the purposes it was intended to display your comments, send you emails/mailings or process your form requests and survey submissions.

When you contact us with a question or for support, help and assistance we will store the contact details you give us for the purposes of communicating with you to answer your question and support you.

When you register and log into our Websites or Apps we will store your registration information for the purposes of providing secure and personalised access to our services.

Sharing of your information

We will not share the information collected apart from in these cases:

In most cases, our client will be deemed to be the Data Controller as defined by the law, we will share all information collected on behalf of the client with the client.

Our services are hosted by third party hosting services, these third parties do not have user level access to the information you submit to us, but they do have access to the core servers and they do collect information regarding your use of the servers such as IP addresses.

Our App services are hosted and managed via the App stores. We do not share information with these 3rd parties, but they will collect information on the Apps you download, your use of them as well as technical details such as crash reports which are shared with us.

Where we are required to provide information by law.

We use cookies to provide and make improvements to our Websites, ensure that our Websites are secure, analyse how users interact with our Websites and address any issues you may experience with our Websites. We may also use cookies to ensure you get relevant communications from us should we advertise on social media or other websites. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website.

If we suspect fraud, a child protection concern or any other form of harm, we may contact and share information with the relevant organisations.

We may use your data in aggregate for marketing or other purposes, for example by stating "100,000 people use our service every week".

Where you have given your permission for your information to be shared.

Your Choices

You may choose not to use our services.

You may choose not to accept cookies when you use our websites

You may choose to set your browser settings to stop cookies and other forms or website tracking.

You may choose not to use any Preferences/Filter settings.

You may choose not to Register or Log in to our services.

You may choose not to sign up to mailing lists or unsubscribe from mailing lists.

You may choose to set your device settings to control App Push Notifications.

You may choose not to engage with comments, surveys or messaging.

If you wish to review your information held by us please contact us.

If you have any feedback, questions on this policy or to contact our data protection office please contact us at