Join the mobile revolution

Mobile is the deepest and most rapid change in communications in a generation. Mobile extends the connections you can make with your customers and makes those interactions personal & intimate.

Mobile is growing

  • Two thirds of people in the UK now own a smartphone
  • Access to the internet via mobile has eclipsed desktop

Mobile is everywhere

  • 91% of Mobile users are within arm’s reach of their phone day and night
  • 40% of people use their smartphone before they get of bed in the morning
  • The average smartphone user spends 2.7 hours on their phone
  • 86% of mobile users use their mobile while watching TV

Mobile means Apps

  • 80% of time spent on smartphones is spent on Apps, only 20% on web sites
  • Users will keep high quality, engaging Apps and quickly discard low value gimmicks

Mobile means multiple devices 

  • 90% of users have more than one device
    • Mobiles for the morning commute
    • PCs are used during the working day
    • Tablets have the highest use in the evening
  • Customer’s expect a consistent high quality experience across all devices