The results have been a measurable improvement in parent satisfaction and cost savings of many thousands a year


Over 2,000 Downloads Since Launch

Push notifications & compelling content drive up to 750 visits a day


A truly global community with downloads from over 40 countries

The 2014 annual parent survey shows a clear improvement in communication since the launch of the parent App. 84% of parents rated communication good or better and over 50% rated communication as very good


Update: One Year On

Read the full one year update from Ampleforth College.

The following update was published by Ampleforth College on 18th September, 2014 to celebrate the the Ampleforth App's first birthday.

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The App Buyer's Guide

Investing in an App is a tough decision.
You will want to assure yourself that an App will be more than a gimmick and provide long term value.

You may want to see how an App can save cost, retain customers and bring your brand to new customers.

You may be unfamiliar with the different technology options available and want to know how to select between different suppliers and offerings.

We have put together a 5 page "App Buyer's Guide" which seeks to answer these questions and many more. You can download the PDF article here.

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